To watch any HDMI TV with our recommended Wi-Fi box you should have a stable to fast internet connection of 10 mbps or better as with a slower connection you might get some intermitting freezing on some channels. Also note that the more Wi-Fi connections you are using in your home the slower your Wi-Fi will get. That’s why the more bandwidth you have the better your streaming video speed will be. If you have a lot of devices connected you will get better results with 25 mbps or more. As a user,  if I’m on my PC, the kids are watching Wi-Fi TV and my husband is playing a video game inline it can slow down connections so that’s a good sign you need more bandwidth.





TV Remote Control

Never push too hard on the remote control buttons on your remote as you can damage it. Check your batteries first! A new remore will cost you $15.00 plus shipping!

Your Wi-Fi Box

Most people leave their Wi-Fi box connected to the tv and just unplug its power supply to turn it off. You can also turn off using remote.
Pre-sale Questions