Terms & Conditions

Live TV Worldwide is not a hardware mfg. or a television service provider

What we do is provide the programing support needed to connect a Wi-Fi TV box so that you are able to view hundreds of live TV shows, news,  and movie channels from around the world. You will also be able to see Movies On Demand, connect to YouTube, and a internet browser as well. We also sell Wi-Fi TV boxes or recommend the one you need to purchase, as shipping costs very. If you decide to purchase our recommend Wi-Fi TV box we can talk you through the program settings and activate it for A One Year Live TV Service Connection. Present fee is US $125.00 If you purchase your Wi-Fi Box from us it will be pre-programed and have A One Year Live TV Service Connection!  We’ll let you know via email within 30 days of service expiration date if you want to renew  for another Year. At the present time our yearly renewal service is U.S. $125.00.We also provide a free PDF Channel list. The current pdf channel list is about 4.5 MB.

Please Note: We Are Not Responsible for Internet Service Providers Connections or Bandwidth To Any Streaming Provider.

The channel selection is clearly geared towards an English speaking audience. You get access to several hundred channels from primarily USA, Canada and UK. On top of that, there are a lot of sports channels to make sure you don’t miss your team’s game. The channels are of varying quality, all the way up to HD. All the streams looked surprisingly good and streamed very reliably.

Also we have started a referral service to active customers only. We will provide you with a $5.00 re-activation credit for each customer your refer that signs up for a new 1 year service support activation. All they have to do is provide you name when they order and we will credit your account. The credit can only be applied to a re-activation or  new Wi-Fi TV box.

Pre-sale Questions